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In 1996, Marty Curtis opened an ice cream parlour in Muskoka, Ontario, with nothing more than a credit card and a vague business idea. He soon realized, though, that what he really wanted to do was run a great café, a place where locals and visitors alike could enjoy, a fun and friendly place where he could share his passion for food. And that’s exactly what he did. In fact, the culinary landscape of Muskoka was forever changed.

A year later he won the Bracebridge chamber of commerce Entrepreneur of the Year award, confirming his status as town fixture, and quashing any doubts he may have had about what he set out to do. After years of carefully safeguarding all his recipes and trade secrets—including the top secret recipe for his buttertarts —Marty has decided the time has come to invite Canada and the rest of the world into his kitchen. All his classic store recipes, as well as his personal favourites, are included in his new cookbook, Marty’s World Famous Cookbook.

If you can’t make it out to the café, try out his World Famous recipes on your friends and family. They’ll love the results.

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