Martys Book
Marty Curtis: The Michelangelo
of Buttertarts

"Marty Curtis is the Michelangelo of Buttertarts. In this highly anticipated cookbook, at last he reveals his tasty secrets. Hungry Readers will enjoy all the recipies that have made his café a true Canadian treasure and helped it earn its very appropriate name: Marty's World Famous Café!"

- Chef Michael Smith

Marty's How-To Video

Do you want to know the secret to making the best buttertarts and pie crust?  In this video, Marty shows you the step by step process for making the dough for his world class Buttertarts and Big Ass Pie. This ancient recipe will have friends and family coming back for more.

Muskoka Mocha

Featured Recipe

Muskoka Mocha

On a snowy winter Muskoka day, there is nothing more comforting than this chocolaty warm treat, that is a Northern variation of the classic cafe latté.

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Marty's Message

Do you ever wonder why a party somehow always finds its way to the kitchen?

The kitchen is a place where we come alive. It feeds us, nourishes us, and revitalizes us as we celebrate good food and great times with people we care for. The kitchen can be a place of comfort and joy and from here, we can be creative and express our artistic side with recipes that can leave us in awe. It is also a place where great childhood and family bonding memories are made. If you're like me, you were perhaps the one lucky enough to lick the spoon or help make a batch of mom's fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. Whatever your story sounds like, this is a great time to roll up your sleeves, find a great recipe and invite your friends and family over for a celebration. Enjoy every moment and remember...cook from the zone.

- Marty

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